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Can you start a Square Foot Garden in winter?

Once I get an idea in my head I have to do something about it – Right Now! Yes, I know I am impatient and yes I know it’s not always a good thing, but hey that’s who I am and I’m not apologising for any of it 😉 There is simply no way that […]

Before Photo’s of our Garden

I thought I might post a few photo’s of our garden before we started this little gardening adventure of ours. We have a very small garden with most of it being lawn (which we can’t really dig up since we rent and not own the property). We can however, replace a few of the flower […]

Why are we doing this SFG thing?

First of all, and since this is my first post… Welcome to our blog. Please read more about who we are here. For a while now, I’ve been pondering the effects of this global recession that we are in and how they may affect Kathy (my wife) and I. Living in South Africa, and being […]

What is Square Foot Gardening?

Very simply put, Square Foot Gardening (SFG) is a whole new way of gardening, growing vegetables & fruits and contributing handsomely to the kitchen table even with the smallest of gardens at your disposal. The system adapts easily to all levels of experience, physical ability, and geographical location. You can now grow all you want […]

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