What is Square Foot Gardening?



Very simply put, Square Foot Gardening (SFG) is a whole new way of gardening, growing vegetables & fruits and contributing handsomely to the kitchen table even with the smallest of gardens at your disposal.

The system adapts easily to all levels of experience, physical ability, and geographical location. You can now grow all you want and need in only 20% of the space of a conventional row garden while saving time, water, work and money. Your existing (bad) soil doesn’t matter because you don’t use it and your garden can be as small as 4 ft by 4 ft, — or as large as you want it.

Other Advantages of Square Foot Gardening:

  • Out Produces Every Other Method Known
  • Largest Selling Garden Book In America, – EVER
  • Requires very little space, 80% less than conventional gardening.
  • Can be done in as little as 4 feet by 4 feet, — or as large as you want.  Your existing (bad) soil doesn’t matter because we don’t use it. Start with an ideal soil mix that is weed-free and requires no tilling.
  • Uses much less water, only about 20% compared to conventional gardening.
  • No fertilizers or pesticides to handle — it’s all natural
  • The planting method requires no thinning and very few seeds.
  • All the hard work has been removed in the Square Foot method – only the enjoyable part remains.
  • Can be started in any season.
  • Produces 5 times the harvest of a conventional garden.
  • Can be done by those with physical or mental limitations. If getting down is a problem, raise the boxes to a wheelchair level.
  • Makes a great family project, all ages can participate – kids love to garden.
  • No Weeding! No Thinning! No Heavy Digging!

The Ten Basics of Square Foot Gardening:

  1. LAYOUT – Arrange your garden in squares, not rows. Lay it out in 4ft by 4ft areas.
  2. BOXES – Build boxes to hold a new soil mix above ground.
  3. AISLES – Space boxes 3ft apart to form walking aisles.
  4. SOIL – Fill boxes with Mel’s special soil mix: 1/3 compost, 1/3 peat moss, and 1/3 coarse vermiculite.
  5. GRID – Make a square foot grid for the top of each box. A MUST!
  6. CARE – NEVER WALK ON YOUR GROWING SOIL. Tend your garden from the aisles.
  7. SELECT – Plant a different flower, vegetable, or herb crop in each square foot, using 1, 4, 9, or 16 plants per square foot.
  8. PLANT – Conserve seeds. Plant only a pinch (2 or 3 seeds) per hole. Place transplants in a slight saucer-shaped depression.
  9. WATER – Water by hand from a bucket of sun-warmed water.
  10. HARVEST – When you finish harvesting a square foot, add compost and replant it with a new and different crop.

New Method – Easy to understand.
User Friendly – Great for beginners.
Locate Anywhere – Close to your house.
Economical – Reduces everything 5 to 1.
Efficient – Twice as much in half the space.
Easy To Protect – From pests and weather.
Earth Friendly – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.
Very Productive – Just enough as you need it.

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