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Quick… Lettuce Escape!

My initial reaction when I first heard of a lettuce bolting was… “Where to?” I suppose I had visions of all my lettuces scuttling out of my garden in the dead of night in a valiant attempt to avoid the dreaded salad bowl. That all now seems like a long time ago and, in my […]

Apologies and SFGSA Updates

Forgive me dear readers, it has been three months since my last blog post. My apologies to one and all for being so scarce lately. Spring has sprung, The grass is riz, I wonder where the garden bloggers iz… Yes, ummm… Spring has indeed sprung but that was quite a while back wasn’t it? So […]

Growing Vegetables in Winter

Frost will kill your exposed vegetable plants! We learnt this the hard way even though we planted what we thought were supposed to be “frost resistant” varieties. Our lettuce seed packet simply said that they were suitable for planting “All Year Round” and the image on the packet showed tick marks next to all four […]

Eating your sprouts?

No, not brussel sprouts… Blech! Normal sprouts. I came across this “micro indoor hydroponic home food production system” called ‘Kitchen Gardening‘ a few weeks ago, where you simply put your seeds in bottles, add water until they sprout… and eat them. After all, isn’t that what sprouts bought in the shops are? Seeds that have […]

Building a seedling rack

Having a seedling rack with heated pads and special grow lights to be able to sprout and grow your seedlings indoors is, while not a requirement of Square Foot Gardening, most definately a bonus. In this way, you can grow your seedlings throughout the year. What you do with those seedlings during winter is then […]

Planting our first seedlings

We decided to first ‘sprout’ our seeds in small containers of vermiculite and then transplant them into normal seedling trays filled with Mel’s Mix once sprouted. When they are a decent size and a bit stronger, we’ll transplant them one final time into bigger pots and 25lt plastic drums. The indoor sprouting in vermiculite was […]

Installing our Square Foot Garden Boxes

Our plans are coming along nicely now. The boxes are built, the garden is cleared and most importantly… our Sphagnum Peat Moss has finally arrived – We can mix our perfect soil (Mel’s Mix) at last. After yesterdays little escapades in the garden (digging, cutting and clearing the garden), I’m not too enthusiastic about the […]

Clearing the garden – Making space for our SFG boxes

Time to get down and dirty. Yep, our garden needs a bit of clearing if we want to make space for those new Square Foot Garden boxes of ours. Most of the cutting and clearing is small stuff, a few flowers and those pesky ferns that grow like weeds but there are a few bigger […]

I think we went a bit overboard on the seed

Really, I can be a bit impulsive at times. Kathy calls it something else entirely but I prefer “impulsive” thank you very much. We went shopping for seeds last weekend with a list that I had spent ages researching and drawing up. First, I drew up a list of all the vegetables that I could […]

Building our first Square Foot Garden Boxes

Well, we built our first Square Foot Garden boxes today and I must say that it was a little bit more involved than I thought it would be. Not to worry though, now that I’ve done it and ironed out most of the ‘kinks’ for you (and for myself for the next batch of boxes) […]