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What is RSS and how do I use it?

In a nutshell you use RSS (Really Simple Syndication) to syndicate or subscribe to the feed of a website, blog or almost any media content online (not just articles, it can be music, video or almost any digital media). By syndicating you subscribe to the feed of the site which means you do not have to go visit the website to read the latest content. Instead you use feed reading software or a single Feed Reader website to read the latest articles from all of the websites and blogs that you are subscribed to. Instead of going to each of your favourite sites individually you can collect all the feeds of the sites (provided they make them available) in one place. The purpose of syndication is to therefore make it more efficient for you to consume your favourite content.

For more info you can also read Googles explanation of RSS Feeds at Feed 101

Online Feed Readers

Two of the biggest and most popular online Feed Readers are:

Subscribing to the SFGSA Blog

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