What a difference the right soil can make

We normally use the same “Mel’s Mix” soil, that we use in our Square Foot Garden boxes, for our seedlings too but, a while back (and for some unknown reason) I purchased a bag of standard “Seedling Mix” from our local garden shop. It had been lying in our storeroom for quite some time so […]

Quick… Lettuce Escape!

My initial reaction when I first heard of a lettuce bolting was… “Where to?” I suppose I had visions of all my lettuces scuttling out of my garden in the dead of night in a valiant attempt to avoid the dreaded salad bowl. That all now seems like a long time ago and, in my […]

Growing Vegetables in Winter

Frost will kill your exposed vegetable plants! We learnt this the hard way even though we planted what we thought were supposed to be “frost resistant” varieties. Our lettuce seed packet simply said that they were suitable for planting “All Year Round” and the image on the packet showed tick marks next to all four […]