Apologies and SFGSA Updates


Garden UpdateForgive me dear readers, it has been three months since my last blog post. My apologies to one and all for being so scarce lately.

Spring has sprung,
The grass is riz,
I wonder where the garden bloggers iz…

Yes, ummm… Spring has indeed sprung but that was quite a while back wasn’t it? So where have we been? Well, right here working in the garden of course. In between those irritatingly long periods of trying to run a business and earn a living that is. Kathy has joined the 8-5 rat race again, working for a boss (other than me of course) and my business has picked up considerably in the last few months. Not that I’m complaining of course, it’s just that the flow of coffee has slowed to a trickle now that I have to make it myself again (it also doesn’t seem to taste as good either) 😉

The garden has taken shape nicely now, we’ve obviously taken the winter growing tunnels off the beds and planted out quite a bit more. We’ve also started our worm farm, finally finished our trellises, installed our drip irrigation system, acquired a few fruit trees and greatly expanded our herd of container plants. More on all this in upcoming blog posts though.

I don’t want to spoil the surprise just yet but we are also working hard on another exciting business… very closely related to this gardening venture of ours so keep your eyes peeled (or simply subscribe to our blogs RSS feed) and we’ll let you know as soon as it’s launched – Coming soon.

For now though, I just wanted to apologise to our loyal readers once again and give out a big thank you to everyone who emailed us wondering where we had disappeared to. We’re back! Now let me just get my photo’s in order so that I can bang out a few long overdue posts.

Happy Gardening

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2 Comments on “Apologies and SFGSA Updates”

  1. Mike Pickering says:

    HI Mark;
    Great blog for us newbies
    You mentioned installing a drip irrigation system for my veggie garden. I’ve been wanting to do that any hints you can share on how you went about it. What bits you used? Is it on a timer? How long/ often does it run? Do all the veggies get the same amount of water? etc etc. Cheers Mike

  2. Hi Mark.. You have mentioned about worm farm good to know that.. You can check some details about worm farm on my site wormerynow.com

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