Clearing the garden – Making space for our SFG boxes


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Clearing the gardenTime to get down and dirty. Yep, our garden needs a bit of clearing if we want to make space for those new Square Foot Garden boxes of ours. Most of the cutting and clearing is small stuff, a few flowers and those pesky ferns that grow like weeds but there are a few bigger banana palms and one or two bushes that need chopping down/cutting back so that we can get some sunlight into the garden.

Kathy and I spent this afternoon (Saturday) going a bit wild in the garden and as you can see from the photo’s below I think we did a pretty good job of it (click on an image to enlarge):

As soon as that lot is chopped into bits small enough to fit into black dustbin bags and dragged away to the complex garden refuse bin, we’ll be able to start “installing” our boxes and then mixing our Mel’s Mix (the perfect soil). I hope we can get around to doing all of that tomorrow.

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