I think we went a bit overboard on the seed


toomanyseedsthumbReally, I can be a bit impulsive at times. Kathy calls it something else entirely but I prefer “impulsive” thank you very much. We went shopping for seeds last weekend with a list that I had spent ages researching and drawing up. First, I drew up a list of all the vegetables that I could think of… and I mean everything! Then, heeding the advice of my Square Foot Gardening ‘bible’, I went through that list with a fine tooth comb and cut out everything that Kathy and I don’t usually eat – “To start with, only grow what you want to eat!”

I then went online and searched for planting calendars and sowing seasons/dates for all the items still on the list and cut out everything that could not possibly be grown in winter. Of course, during this process I had to add a whole bunch of vegetables that I had not even thought of in the first place but which popped up during my online search. These I immediately crossed off the list again because (silly me) we don’t normally eat them.

OK, by this time my list was almost non-existent again. So Kathy and I sat down while I attempted to persuade her that we should maybe be a bit more adventurous in our eating habits, all the while extolling the virtues and health benefits of a whole bunch of veggies that I had cut out in the first step. Back and forth we negotiated, late into the night, but finally we ended up with a list of about 15 vegetables that we could attempt to grow (during winter – most of them indoors), find recipes for and start a whole new diet with. In fact, I think I even managed to convince myself on most of them but we both drew the line at the brussel sprouts… sorry, we’re just not going there 😉

So off we go the next day to our friendly Safari Garden Center with our considerably shortened list and spent an hour or two browsing through a confusing array of seed packets. I had written the list to include the type of seed (i.e. onions) only to find that there were white onions and red onions to be had and each one came in about three to four different varieties. Not being able to glean much information from the seed packets themselves as to the differences between the varieties, and of course the ‘help and advice’ from the salespeople being one step above pathetic, we decided to take a packet of each variety. For testing purposes of course.

Right, next on the list… lettuce? The same story. Ohhh…. look, don’t those tomatoes look good? Yes I know they won’t grow outside in winter but maybe we can put them in pots inside as well just to experiment with a bit, we just need more pots then… Ok, add them to the pile… Oh and look, there’s four more varieties…

And so it went on. Although we couldn’t find seeds for about half of the items on the original list (8), we still ended up walking out with just over fifty packets of seeds. See for yourself:

Too many seeds

[At the time that this photo was taken we have already planted seeds for 13 vegetables. The opened seed packets are resealed in plastic bank bags, stored in the plastic ice-cream container and put in the fridge].

Hi, my name is Mark and I’m a compulsive shopper  🙂

Happy gardening


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2 Comments on “I think we went a bit overboard on the seed”

  1. Tracey says:

    You can hear from the question that I am a novice gardner… but what is the reason for storing the seeds in the fridge?

    Great site by the way!!


  2. hennie says:

    Mark thank you for making my day. I think we are like twins , because just like you i tend to plant almost all varieties , my family seems to think i have gone bonkers,until they eat the fresh veggies. Nothing comes close to it. On a positive note the extra seed are not wasted you can always wait until a bedding has been vacated to plant the other variety.
    Good luck and my sympathy to cathy.

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